It all started with ROMEO

who came to us in December 2012. My husband and I loved everything about him except the poo picking.

We didn’t like the warm squishy feeling when picking up using plastic bags. Then we read that plastic bags actually have micro-pores in them - which means bacteria can pass through onto our hands. Gross!

On top of that when the garbage bins in our city would get over full, pet owners would pile the bags next to the bins and all that plastic really made us think about the impact on the environment. Just between Romeo and his sister, Rosie, we would be using nearly 1500 plastic bags per year!

So we set out to design a bag that we would be excited about using and voila, Poopooh was born! Our bags are not only better for the environment and for the hygiene of users, but they also help people in rural communities. All our bags are hand made by women working from their own houses so they can provide for their families without having to leave them for long periods of time.

We hope you like the Poopooh bags as much as we do.

Praveena Joseph De Saram

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